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Real life situational training from those who have been there in the streets and survived.  You must train as real as possible for under stressful situations “You will revert to your training”.  Think about it “How good have you been trained?”


  1. Rob Dick Felony Stop CA CDI Certified Bail Agent Continuing Education Training

  2. Rob Dick Taser Point CA CDI Certified 20 Hour Fugitive Recovery Training

  3. Rob Dick Arresting Fugitive CA CDI and Taser* International Certified Training

  4. Rob Dick has Fugitive in Handcuffs CA DOJ Handgun Safety Certified Trainer 107707

  5. CA Licensed Private Investigator PI 21921

  6. PICA Capitol Dist. Director 2011-2013, 2ndVP 2014, VP 2015

  7. NV Licensed Bail Enforcement Agent 579222

  8. Bullet Arrest & Control Instructor

  9. Bullet Law Enforcement Pistol/Rifle Instructor

  10. Bullet NRA Firearms Instructor 174762322

  11. Bullet Florida & Utah Concealed Carry Instructor l102094

  12. Bullet Center-Axis-Relock Firearms System Trainer

  13. Bullet PepperBall Certified Instructor

  14. Bullet Licensed Locksmith LCO 4892

  15. Bullet Surety Bail Bond Auditor

  16. Bullet Notary Public

  17. Bullet National Speaker

Rob Dick has a combined experience of over 32 years in law enforcement and the fugitive recovery business, liability-free.  Rob Dick has appeared on numerous TV Bounty Hunting shows and documentaries worldwide.

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